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Picture frames and picture mounts in St Helens

Picture frames and mounts not only protect pictures and artwork from long term damage but also complement them to make the right impression. At Framing Interiors, we offer fully customised framing and mounting services for both individual and commercial needs.

Frames and mounts to suit every need

As a commercial framer we have a vast selection of frame moulding. There are frame styles made in various woods, gold, silver, metals and different colours. Each of these are in different profiles that make a difference to the overall look of your picture. They also come in different grades, for instance made from high quality wood, to a lower priced plastic moulding that still looks beautiful around a picture. Please visit our workshop to choose which moulding is perfect for your picture and interior.
picture mounts

Why use a mount?

•  They enhance the look of your artwork
•  They keep the artwork off the glass or acrylic in a frame
•  They add value to the finished product
•  They protect the image from long-term damage

All of the mounts we offer are manufactured from
high quality materials, there is a 45° beveled-edge
where the mount meets the picture.
Frame size and image size

Frame size and image size

Frame Size: 
The frame size relates to the internal size of the frame, i.e. what fits inside the frame such as the glazing, backing and your picture. Another way of saying this is the ‘glass size’. It does not relate to the measurements on the outside of the frame.

Image Size: 
The image size relates to the internal cut out of the mount. The mount should overlap the image by at least 2 mm so that it does not fall through the middle of the mount!

If you are looking for picture frames or picture mounts in St Helens,
call Framing Interiors on 01744 613 043

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